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F36 Vorsteiner VFF103 19"

Forum voor alle F32 serie vanaf vanaf 2014 - heden.

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F36 Vorsteiner VFF103 19"

Post by TBrands »

Looking to put some Vorsteiner VFF103's on my 2018 F36 MSport.
Was thinking of 19" 8.5J ET30 on the front and 19"10.0J ET45 on the back

Tires would be 235/40R19 front and 265/35R19 back.

After doing some math I come to the folowing conclusion:
Front ET going from 34 to 30 means wheels are moving out by 4mm
Difference in ET means the wheel is getting 0.5J wider (0.5*25.4 = 12.7mm)
Split the 12.7mm (wheel widens left and right) giving a total extra space needed on the outside of 12.7mm + 4mm = 16.7mm
And on the inside extra space needed of 12.7mm

Rear ET going from 47 to 45 means wheels are moving out by 2mm
Differece in ET of 1.5J (1.5*25.4 = 38.1mm)
Extra space needed on the outside of 19.05mm + 2mm = 21.05mm
Extra space needed on the inside of 19.05mm

Is there any one running these rim/tire specs on a F32 or F36? If so is the required space there to mount this setup without hitting anything.
Also are my calculations correct of am I missing something?


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